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Profit from Irish Whiskey

Profit from Irish Cask Whiskey Ownership with Liquid Gold Irish Whiskey Club

Good returns from Irish whiskey maturation have been achieved over many years, but historically only distillers and blenders could benefit. Launched in 2021, Liquid Gold Irish Whiskey Club plan to change that, by allowing investors to buy quality Irish whiskey casks at market leading wholesale prices.

The many reasons to invest
Why are more and more people investing in Irish Whiskey?

You too can benefit from the unprecendented growth of Irish Whiskey. We have helped many clients start their whiskey cask journey, diversifying their portfolio and growing their capital with low risk, high return investments in Irish Whiskey.

Performance Historically consistent
Great returns have been received from whiskey maturation for decades, consistently delivering average returns of 8-15% a year.
Guaranteed Protected investment
If the bonded warehouse, Distillery or Liquid Gold goes bust it has no impact on your Irish whiskey investment.
Fully insured Insurance covered
Fully insured
Casks are fully insured against theft, fire and accidental damage. Investors can relax knowing their value growing assets are safe.
Complete ownership Investor fully owned
Complete ownership
Investors own whiskey casks 100% outright, with certificates of ownership issued to investors upon payment completion.
Bonded storage HMRC warehousing
Bonded storage
Casks are stored in secure HMRC government bonded and controlled warehouses, ensuring the storage system and process is constantly honest and very secure.
Tax free VAT & Capital gains
Tax free
Investors have no VAT to pay as duty is suspended and any profits obtained upon investment cash out are free of capital gains.
Record growth Fastest growing spirit
Record growth
Currently the worlds fastest growing spirit, Irish whiskey saw 140% growth in sales from 2010 to 2020,, with future growth expected to continue for many years to come.
Compliance HMRC controlled
All casks sold by Liquid Gold Irish Whiskey Club are registered with HMRC through our WOWGR Licence.
Many exit options Tailored to investor needs
Many exit options
Sell, drink, bottle or gift, we can help facilitate it all. Extensive industry partnerships and investor networks mean we can help facilitate a profitable exit for cask investors.
The are many reasons to invest
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    Investing with Liquid Gold
    Why choose Liquid Gold Irish Whiskey Club?
    We are an approved stockist licensed to sell casks from various distilleries and store them in HMRC bonded warehousing. Our specialist acquisitions team source the best casks for our client’s portfolio, allowing private investors to buy quality casks at market leading wholesale prices.

    Our mission is to make investments in quality Irish whiskey casks easy for investors, helping investors build a perfect, bespoke profitable Irish Whiskey cask portfolio.

    All casks sold by Liquid Gold Irish Whiskey Club are regulated with HMRC. Heavy regulation keeps the process of buying casks honest and professional at all times.

    For new make casks investors are encouraged to hold their casks for a minimum of five years and longer, so they can enjoy a greater return on investment. However should at anytime they need to exit early, investors can sell and withdraw their money after three years. If investors purchase casks aged over three years old they can exit and sell out anytime.

    Strong connections with many of Ireland’s leading whiskey distilleries, brands, and bottlers enable us to give investors access to the most lucrative cask investment opportunities, and help investors secure the best opportunities when looking to exit investments.

    Historic Returns of 8-15% Per Year
    Great returns from Whiskey maturation have been achieved for many years
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