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Liquid Gold Irish Whiskey has over 30 years combined experience in the Irish Whiskey industry. Our team members and advisory team members have held senior leadership roles in some of Ireland’s biggest and best distilleries and we are experts in the field, with extensive industry relationships that are trusted and long standing. These relationships set us apart from other whiskey broker firms and are one of the reasons we can offer an extensive variety of casks at substantially discounted rates. We guide and support clients through the cask purchase journey step by step and are flexible and open to client specific needs.

Yes it is. While many people reap the benefits of investing in Irish whiskey, most people do not have the facilities to store casks in their homes, making storage essential. Aside from this, whiskey barrels need to be checked and maintained regularly, which is best done by trained professionals. Leading whiskey brokers like Liquid Gold Irish Whiskey include storage (for a set period) in their price. People who invest in tangible assets are often worried about their safety, and rightly so! We offer storage in a bonded, fully insured warehouse, meaning that the casks are safe against fire, floods, theft or damage. This ensures investors that they can leave their investment to grow with perfect peace of mind.

A bonded warehouse is a warehouse controlled by HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) and used for the storage of duty suspended goods.

While we can never totally guarantee to sell a clients casks, good whiskey brokers, like Liquid Gold Irish Whiskey have extensive contacts that under the correct market conditions allow us to easily sell casks on, whether it is to other investors, private bottlers or a whiskey brand seeking mature liquids.

Yes! You can request samples of your whiskey cask. You can also request a re-gauge to give an update on your cask’s maturation.

Established whiskey distilleries have thorough quality controls before casking. During the ageing process, it is extremely rare for anything negative to happen. In the very rare event that something was to happen, the loss would be covered, and the investor would be compensated. Upfront agreements with producers, ensure that investors receive a product that is always up to standard.

Whiskey casks are not subject to Capital Gains Tax because anything with a shelf life of less than fifty years is classed as a wasting asset, due to some evaporating during the maturation period. However, we still always recommend you seek professional tax advice if unsure and for peace of mind.

Traditionally, new make whiskey is distilled and laid to rest in casks. Until it matures, this whiskey simply represents a cost to distilleries tying up capital that could be used in the whiskey-making process. The whiskey maturation process is a long and costly one with operating costs including insurance, employee salaries, utility expenses, purchasing casks, buying high quality grain and making the spirit itself. Distilleries sell some of their product to generate cashflow to cover running costs, allowing their spirit to mature for years to come.

Investors are required to instruct Liquid Gold Irish Whiskey when they wish to sell out and exit the investment. At this time the investor can sell the casks themselves or we can facilitate this for them (based on current day market conditions), through one of six routes:

  • Sell to another investor
  • Trade the cask on the open market to another cask broker or collector
  • Purchase the cask back ourselves
  • Sell the cask to a distillery / whiskey brand requiring mature liquid
  • Sell the cask through a third-party auction house
  • Bottle the stock for the investor and release it to the retail market achieving maximum profit (an avenue normally only reserved for rare and old casks).

Of course. We have many happy clients and great testimonials and are happy to share this information upon request.

Year of production, type of barrel, distillery, age, OLA (Original Litres of Alcohol), RLA (Remaining Litres of Alcohol) and ABV (Alcohol by Volume)

No, Liquid Gold Irish whiskey work with all investor sizes, big and small worldwide. We can facilitate the purchase of individual Irish whiskey casks as well as clients looking to purchase many casks. All investors and customers irrespective of size and or location are welcome. However, it should be noted that the more casks an investor purchases the better the price we can offer.

Once purchased, casks are barcoded, tagged and stored in a secure government bonded warehouse where they are held securely and safely for a minimum of five years. Storage and insurance for this five-year period is included within the purchase price, and this covers fire, theft, and accidental damage. If the distillery or bonded warehouse goes bust, this too is covered. Investors can extend their investment beyond the agreed period, but a small minimal fee will apply for each extra year of insurance and storage required.

Of course, there is no point in having something as valuable as Irish whiskey if you cannot sell it! From the outset we encourage investors to hold their investment for a minimum of five years. However in the case of an emergency, investors can exit and cash out early if they need to.

The demand for whiskey matured for eight or more years is generally high and can provide a huge return on initial investment. While most investors will agree a five or ten year period upfront, this can easily be extended anytime, paying only the excess storage and insurance fee required to cover the additional time period.

Investors can at anytime contact the Advisory Team or their Personal Account Manager to discuss extending an investment or if they need to cash out early due to emergency.

Casks are safely and securely stored in government bonded warehousing operated by Distilleries and or third-party companies we have carefully and rigorously selected. Yes, investors can view their casks, but it does need to be planned and arranged in advance as all our warehouses are access controlled. Please contact Liquid Gold Irish Whiskey by telephone or email to discuss the options.

Investment sizes depend on the personal circumstances of each investor. The minimum number of casks that can be purchased is three, with no upper level restrictions on the number of casks we can source and supply. It should however be noted that the more casks a investor purchased the better the price we can offer. 

All investor types and sizes are welcome, including private investors and institutional investors.

All casks purchased from Liquid Gold Irish Whiskey Club are registered in the client’s name, and the client alone owns these casks 100% outright.

If Liquid Gold Irish Whiskey Club were ever forced into administration creditors and other bodies would have no claim on client casks. Client casks could never be seized by creditors or administrators to recover company losses.

As cask investors and owners, “clients” would have no liability for Liquid Gold Irish Whiskey Club losses. In this sense, whiskey can be a much safer bet than stocks or shares. You do not have to rely on an individual fund manager’s performance or volatile markets – you simply buy your whiskey and then sell your assets for a profit when you are ready.

Whiskey is a top performing low risk luxury investment that far outstrips more established alternative asset investments such as art, wine and cars, with returns ranging from 12% to 15% per year conservatively. Enjoying an astonishing resurgence, Irish Whiskey is today the world’s fastest growing spirit with record demand expected for many years to come. As more distillers enter the market to meet the global surge in the popularity of Irish whiskey, these distilleries will require mature liquid, presenting strong market demand for the casks that investors have to sell.

No, casks belong 100% outright to the investors that purchased them. Any financial growth accrued from the cask sale goes directly to the investor alone upon investment exit.

No, not at all. Casks are the property of the investor, and they can do whatever they want, whenever they want. Liquid Gold Irish Whiskey can also facilitate:

  • Bottling casks for clients, as non-branded or own brand, which the client can then use, gift or sell on.
  • Shipping casks to a client location, where they can then bottle themselves.
  • These and other services are available, and any tax implications can be discussed prior to action. Clients can work directly with Liquid Gold Irish Whiskey to plan, cost, and schedule such exits.

When investing your hard-earned cash, investing with the right type of company is of paramount importance. Aside from liking the person you are dealing with; you need to know that they are experienced in the field and will not advice you wrongly. While no one can predict market movements exactly, it is believed the Irish Whiskey market is poised for strong growth for years to come. The team at Liquid Gold Irish Whiskey are experts in Irish Whiskey, with team members and advisors who have over 30 years combined award winning experience in the sector, across production, distilling and operations management. We have extensive contacts and industry relationships that are trusted and long standing, which set us apart from other whiskey broker firms. These relationships allow us to offer an extensive variety of existing options and casks at substantially discounted rates.

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