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Liquid Gold Irish Whiskey Club are a Specialist Irish Whiskey Cask Broker offering HMRC Authorised Cask Sales

Whiskey for many years has proven to be a very reliable and safe asset to invest in with historically very attractive returns.  Liquid Gold Irish Whiskey Club make it possible for investors to invest in and benefit from Irish whiskey cask investment, and we help and guide clients every step of the way.

With offices worldwide and relationships with many of Ireland and Northern Ireland’s leading and most sought after Whiskey Distilleries and brands, we make Irish Whiskey casks accessible to investors worldwide at wholesale prices. We store the whiskey in HMRC bonded storage facilities until it matures and can provide clients with a variety of perfectly devised exit options.

On a mission to bring quality Irish Whiskey Casks to the World!

Making Premium Irish Whiskey Casks Acessible to Investors

Headquarters in Derry City, Northern Ireland with sales and service offices around the world, Liquid Gold Irish Whiskey Club make quality Irish Whiskey Casks accessible to investors worldwide at ultra wholesale prices. Committed to quality, excellence and great prices, we are the Irish Whiskey broker of choice for many reasons:

  • Extensive partnerships with many Irish Whiskey Distilleries
  • Source, store, manage and exit service provision & capability
  • Ultra wholesale cask pricing that is among the best in the market today
Many years experience
Working with leading Irish Whiskey brands and distilleries
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A team of whiskey and business experts with a pedigree for delivering exceptional performance...
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