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Grow your wealth by investing in and owning Irish Whiskey Casks
Taxation Free

Whiskey casks are classed as a wasting asset, and thereby are not subject to Capital Gains Tax on profit upon investment exit.

Truly Hands-Off

Whiskey casks require little-to-no ongoing management, safely sitting in secure bonded storage, maturing and appreciating in value.

Value Growing Commodity

Wealth reports list whiskey as the best performing alternative investment of the decade, with a 586% Return on Investment.

Who we are
Leading Suppliers of Cask Irish Whiskey

The founding team at Liquid Gold Irish Whiskey Club have many years experience sourcing, managing and trading Cask Irish Whiskey for private, retail and institutional investors. We also supply numerous other whiskey brokerage firms internationally that also sell Cask Irish Whiskey to investors. Specialising in Irish Whiskey with offices around the world, our aim and objective is to make premium quality Irish Whiskey accessible to the world , at leading and very competitive wholesale prices.

Extensive long standing relationships with many of  Northern Ireland and Ireland’s largest and best distilleries,  mean we can source and supply many types and ages of Irish Whiskey at the best market prices. Not only do investors get to benefit from great buy in prices but we also offer multiple exit strategies for investors wishing to exit.

Our in-house team of Irish Whiskey experts can guide investors through every step of the process whether buying or selling, making transactions stress free.

World-leading suppliers of Irish Whiskey Casks
Open and transparent, hear from some of our happy clients
Liquid Gold made the whole process very easy. Very happy with the prices and the service. Would definitely recommend!
Owen McLaughlin Retail Investor
Great prices, much better than what I've seen elsewhere. I would recommend Liquid Gold to other investors.
George Murphy Retail Investor
Really great service by professionals who know the market well. Thanks for making my whiskey investment stress free.
Martin Cannolly Retail Investor
Irish Whiskey is going to be big over the next decade
The Whiskey Advocate
The many reasons to invest
Why are more and more people investing in Irish Whiskey?

You too can benefit from the unprecendented growth of Irish Whiskey. We have helped many clients start their whiskey cask journey, diversifying their portfolio and growing their capital with low risk, high return investments in Irish Whiskey.

High Returns

An attractive investment with returns ranging from 12% to 15% + per year, even in times of economic uncertainty.


Investor Owned

All Irish Whiskey casks are owned outright by the investor, with certificates of ownership issued to investors upon purchase.


Secure Bonded Storage

All casks are stored safely in private and secure purpose built HMRC Bonded Warehousing that is access controlled.


Fully Insured

Fully covered against fire, theft and damage all Liquid Gold Irish Whiskey casks are insured at true market value.


Tax & VAT Exempt

Classed as a wasting Chattel Whiskey is exempt from capital gains for UK tax payers and free from VAT when bonded.


Great Wholesale Rates

Strong relationships with many of Ireland's leading distilleries, mean that we can offer investors best market prices.


Booming Industry

The world's fastest growing spirit with demand exceeding supply. Demand which is expected to increase for years to come.


Multiple Exit Strategies

An extensive global network of investors and industry partners means we can assist and guide investors with exiting.


Consistant Performance

Whiskey is a consistent top performing asset referred to in wealth reports as the best alternative investment of the decade.


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